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Life changing!

Ever since I started taking soulcybin I have expanded my thinking like never before!

Nicholas m

Treatment-resistant Major Depression sent packing!

I have struggled with chronic, treatment-resistant Major Depression and complex childhood PTSD for over 40 years. I am happy to report that I have a new weapon in my arsenal for fighting the black fog. I do many things to manage my condition: psychotherapy, medications, whole-food plant-based diet, exercise, SAD light, ketamine infusions, meditation and prayer. I am having WONDERFUL results with the Brain Booster, Ceremonial Blend, Adaptogen Blend and Inner Peace. My state of mind is better than it has been for over 29 years.

I thank God every day for the existence of this company and the medicine they provide at an affordable price. That sounds cheesy, but it is exactly how I feel. Thank you, MindLifeTherapy!


Microdosing = peace = happiness

I started my microdosing about a month and a half ago and I have had the most incredible experiences in this life! My thoughts are easy on my soul, my eyes are open wider then ever and my heart is so clear I could probley make you a glass house ? I tell ya one soul to another please just try the low dose change your feeling, once we change our FEELERS? we change our mind. This will make you not only have thoughts that you can understand and process and the world , nature has a whole new meaning. If your thoughts are should I try this, your answer is yes? life changing and life saving! The Journey blend….. off the hook in love guys thank you love you all sooooo much and again thank you for your prayers your energy and your measures????


Anxiety, stress and amphetamine recovery

I have been using Soulcybin for about a month. I also ordered the ceremonial blend.

I am 36 years old and was first diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and depression at 14. I’m also recovering from a prescription diet bill addiction that compromised my central nervous system and may have led to musculoskeletal damage. I’m miserable and in pain for years. I’ve taken every prescription anti depressant out there. All i ever felt was that my personality was being dulled over time.

Just in this short time I’ve been taking this, I’m convinced if it’s magic. I have an open, excited attitude towards life, i have more energy, I’m relaxed and just overall happier. I sleep and wake easily. I’m just shining again.

I’m incredibly grateful for this product and i plan to be a forever client with these results.

My friends and family are already commenting on the change. Thank you.

I have not been paid or coerced to write this. It has really helped me. I am a real person.

Jennifer Campbell

A permanent fan

I’ve went through 2 bottles now 1 ceremonial blend and 1 focus and I couldnt have had a better experience!! The focus blend all but replaced caffeine for me for over a month and kept me positive and sharp all day. The ceremonial blend was a fantastic experience putting me into a very comfortably deep meditative reflective state of mind that seemed to give me an after glow for a couple of days after!! I’m so excited that I found this site and am planning another order soon!!!

Trevor Sly


Microdosing has been a game changer in my battle with PTSD and depression. I take one tablet for two days straight then take 2 days off. Now I just bebop through the day with almost zero chips on my shoulders. The mental pain is still there, but im able to quickly let it go. Microdoseing may of saved my marriage and me. Thank you!


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