Our Mission

To provide healing and expansion
to the human collective through the use of psilocybin.

Who We Are

We are psychotherapist and shamans that are passionate about what we do. We make sure that each and every batch of medicine that we produce is infused with the intention of healing and expanding the consciousness of the divine souls who take it. We beleive that if you heal we all heal.

Our Mushrooms are grown with the intention of being medicine, tested for quality and infused with love.

We have been working with psilocybin for many years now and have seen the positive effects it has on people we have worked with. We work in a ceremonial, clinical, one-on-one setting, and now micro-dosing. It is our mission and responsibility to provide this safe holistic alternative medicine which we have seen magnificent results with. It is our honor to be of service and to present this offering to you.

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